Hey there 👋🏻, I'm Alec.

I build custom no-maintenance revenue-generating software.

With all engagements, I am happy to do a no-cost assessment of potential growth opportunities. All projects come with an itemized scope of work before signoff.

At the moment (October 2020), I do not have bandwidth for new consulting client(s).

Interested? Let's talk:

example projects

ad optimization

I've built a range of ad optimization solutions, from growth hacks to fully automated ad buying systems.

An example I can share a high level overview of: a system that generates millions¹ of exact nonbranded search terms, predicts the value of bidding on each keyword, and automatically adds the top predictions to a testing campaign.

In two months of managing Google Search, as the MVP of the above infrastructure was being tested, I drove a simultaneous 19.5% increase of sales and a 11.5% decrease in CAC on nonbrand terms.

I am deeply familiar with Facebook, Snapchat, and Google + Youtube (and somewhat so with Quora and Reddit). Happy to work on Tiktok and Pinterest, if you can get API access, as well.

data acquisition

I've done several dozen custom scraping builds, and have built reusable frameworks to do almost² any custom job quickly and with high stability. You can see parts of it in my how to scrape article.

Along the way, I've constructed some valuable datasets, and the codebases to keep them updated:

I am quite familiar with building candidate pipelines for hiring teams, particularly around software engineers, as well.

data pipelines

I've built a number of ETL pipelines, working with datastores like Postgres, S3, Redshift, DynamoDB, and even Google Sheets (more about that here). Funny enough, I've implemented Facebook performance data ETL 3 different ways now - Python + Airflow, Python + Lambda, and in AppScript.js:

micro internal services

I love working on small internal tools and am quite familiar with them - my main personal AWS Serverless stack includes 22 Lambdas!

a few brief examples:

As they tend to be quite bespoke, I'm happy to do discovery on where the biggest arbitrages are with your business's internal processes.

growth hacks

I was fortunate to work hands on with 75+ early stage startups during my time at Nothing forces you to be creative like working with three person teams.

I generally share very few successful growth hacks, but I'll include one I particularly enjoyed - finding your competitors' customers with subdomain enumeration:

export && curl "$TARGET&output=json" | jq '.[].name_value' | sed 's/\"//g' | sed 's/\*\.//g' | awk '{gsub(/\\n/,"\n")}1' | sort -u

Works with any vendor that spins up a new subdomain per customer (Slack, Vercel, etc). Here's the productized version with write to CSV

in sum

Not finding the services you're looking for? Let me know, and I can connect you to someone better suited for your project.

¹ Yes, really

² I may refuse some on ethical grounds. Please reach out to learn more