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build business tools with GPT3

tl;dr: Use GPT-3 to automate data collection, enrichment, and standardization

cost: $0 to start; up to $400/mo at scale

time: 30 minutes

table of contents:


The company OpenAI …

understanding Google auths

tl;dr: I explain several ways to create and use Google API Console auth

read time: 10m (skim), closer to an hour to implement and test

cost: free

The Google API Console is home to a baffling array of 305 APIs (at time of writing), including Google Docs, Sheets, Drive …

set up Google Ads APIs

tl;dr: create all Google Ads auth components so you can automate Google & Youtube Ads

cost: $0 (you don't necessarily need to run any ads, either)

build time: 60 minutes

before getting into it, one (or two) disclaimer(s):

There are two Google ad-related API suites: the old Adwords API …

set up Reddit API

tl;dr: set up the Reddit API and use it to generate interest data

cost: $0

setup time: 5 minutes

Reddit can be a great place to waste an hour or to explore particular new hobbies. It also can be a valuable source of free information on one's customers. In …

set up Twilio SMS to Email

tl;dr: set up a pass-through phone number that forwards to anywhere

cost: $0.0075 per inbound SMS

build time: 15 minutes (MVP)


Think of all the times you've had to submit a phone number to get a promotional code, or an ebook download, or the love of your …