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talk the talk (a tech glossary)

tl;dr: learn the language of tech niches

read time: 10m (skim), closer to an hour top to bottom

Below is a condensed glossary from my time working in early stage VC, growth, and software engineering.

It is designed to approachable for everyone, especially those without a prior background in …

my personal SaaS stack

tl;dr: Use free & free-ish software and save lots of time

cost: (generally $0; in-line for each item)

read time: 10 minutes

All listed softwares have (at minimum) a free trial. All recommendations are products I use and have not been incentivized to promote.


Alfred ($31 onetime) - This is …


tl;dr: write down words you don't know

I started a mental exercise some time ago: write down every word I came across and didn't understand (within reason; no floccinaucinihilipilification)

The below list is provided only to keep myself accountable. I'll update this page periodically.


  • didactic - intended to teach …