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set up Google Ads APIs

tl;dr: create all Google Ads auth components so you can automate Google & Youtube Ads

cost: $0 (you don't necessarily need to run any ads, either)

build time: 60 minutes

before getting into it, one (or two) disclaimer(s):

There are two Google ad-related API suites: the old Adwords API …

set up email sending (anywhere)

tl;dr: How to set up AWS Simple Email Service, through which you can send emails via many invocation methods

cost: $0 per first 62k emails/mo

build time: 60 minutes (MVP) + 2 days wait to get out of sandbox

Every SaaS product at scale leans heavily on email for …

set up this blog

tl;dr: How to make a static website, built on Pelican, Netlify hosting, Netlify CMS, and Github.

cost: $0/mo (<$1/mo w/ domain)

build time: 45 minutes (MVP) / 2.5 hours (with CMS + custom domain name)

why static (vs dynamic) sites

With a personal site, less is really more …

mastering BeautifulSoup

tl;dr: BeautifulSoup selectors and code snippets

Once you've become familiar with scraping websites with Python, requests, and BeautifulSoup (if not, read this first), you'll want to start creating reusable components to speed build time and improve data reliability.

Below I've included reference snippets for

  • extracting data
  • cleaning data
  • handling …

how to scrape

tl;dr: Using Python requests and BeautifulSoup libraries to scrape data from most data sources

cost: $0

build time: 30 minutes (MVP) / 120 minutes (cleaner v2)

BeautifulSoup allows you to navigate through the raw HTML pulled down from a website (in JS, this is called 'Walking the DOM'). Generally, you …

set up Reddit API

tl;dr: set up the Reddit API and use it to generate interest data

cost: $0

setup time: 5 minutes

Reddit can be a great place to waste an hour or to explore particular new hobbies. It also can be a valuable source of free information on one's customers. In …

set up Twilio SMS to Email

tl;dr: set up a pass-through phone number that forwards to anywhere

cost: $0.0075 per inbound SMS

build time: 15 minutes (MVP)


Think of all the times you've had to submit a phone number to get a promotional code, or an ebook download, or the love of your …