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talk the talk (a tech glossary)

tl;dr: learn the language of tech niches

read time: 10m (skim), closer to an hour top to bottom

Below is a condensed glossary from my time working in early stage VC, growth, and software engineering.

It is designed to approachable for everyone, especially those without a prior background in …

mastering Google AppScript

tl;dr: write Javascript in Google Sheets to build advanced automations

cost: $0

build time: 10 minutes (MVP)

Google AppScript is a custom Javascript 'platform' that allows you to write custom scripts for Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, Forms, and Gmail. It is particularly useful for enabling technical functionality like API …

bash shortcuts

tl;dr: bind common commands to shortcuts. save time. love life.

cost: $0 or $29 one time with Alfred Powerpack

read time: 15 minutes

Below, I overview the bash snippets I regularly use, and how you can easily invoke them with shortcodes

table of contents:

mastering BeautifulSoup

tl;dr: BeautifulSoup selectors and code snippets

Once you've become familiar with scraping websites with Python, requests, and BeautifulSoup (if not, read this first), you'll want to start creating reusable components to speed build time and improve data reliability.

Below I've included reference snippets for

  • extracting data
  • cleaning data
  • handling …


tl;dr: write down words you don't know

I started a mental exercise some time ago: write down every word I came across and didn't understand (within reason; no floccinaucinihilipilification)

The below list is provided only to keep myself accountable. I'll update this page periodically.


  • didactic - intended to teach …